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Global Sourcing and Local Service

We are a distributor for Eastern and Western Europe market, but with excellent opportunities for export outside of Europe.

Distributors since 1981

As distributors of a wide range of Acrylic, Methyacryl and Hydroxy monomers as well as a range of complementary specialties, we have an unparalleled commercial and logistical knowledge of these specific chemicals. ECEM offers a unique 'one stop shopping' and logistics concept.


Reasons for choosing ECEM!

The world largest Acrylic Monomers distributor since 1981

Efficient Logistics

One of the keys to success of our company is an efficient Logistic department to guarantee the reliability of information and the correct timing in the delivery of the chemicals and to study and resolve the different demands of the clients.


We store for quick supply

ADPO storage is our main storage partner in Europe where we have drum and IBC filling ex (heated) warehouses, tank-storage, tank container storage, cleaning stations, bonded warehouses, blending of products, loading of ships, tank trucks and rail cars, support services of documents handling and customs clearance.


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